Shower Remodel: Simple Custom Shower or New Floor Plan

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Shower RemodelKennewick Shower Remodel is the premier company in the Pacific Northwest for shower and bath remodeling services. With their award-winning, superior quality construction and state-of-the-art materials, they make it easy to install a new, high-quality shower with no messy, time-consuming build process. Whether you’re looking for a simple custom shower or an entirely new floor plan, they have something for you. They even offer “no touch” guarantees on all their work. That means that if your bathroom is broken into, we’ll finish it without charging you. Your shower can also be transformed with a multitude of add-ons, from built-in benches, shelves, grab bars, shower curtains, shower cubicles, shower screens, and more!


Many consumers are concerned about the sustainability of building from scratch using tile or cement for their shower walls. The fact is that it’s not only easier to install but it is also cheaper than other traditional methods. Concrete has an advantage over tile because it is non-combustible, unlike glazed ceramic tiles. It won’t splinter and it is resistant to water damage. Plus, tile is fairly easy to work with when compared to other building materials such as concrete and plywood. Many homeowners choose concrete because they find it easy to work with and because it is so inexpensive.


Another reason that homeowners choose a remodeling versus a complete overhaul is because it’s easier on the budget. If you already have your bathroom cabinets installed, your budget is limited. However, when you’re starting from scratch and replacing all the fixtures and cabinetry, your expenses increase significantly. Tile and cement may be more aesthetically appealing, but they’re much more expensive and harder to work with. If you’re planning a remodeling project, ask the contractor whether or not it is possible to incorporate new cabinetry designs at a discount.


There are many different options if you’re going to undertake a full bathroom redesign. If you have existing bathrooms, they can usually be updated by just changing the tile and putting in new hardware. If you’re not sure what would look best, take some picture frames with you and go to a bathroom store. Many times the professionals there will be able to make suggestions based on what they see in the stores, along with their own creative ideas.


Another option if you’re hoping to do a walk-in shower remodel is to replace your existing tubs with walk-in shower stalls. These offer many benefits, such as better installation, increased safety, and increased functionality. Walk-in tubs are also easier to waterproof because the opening is closeable. Most of the time, these are also available in a variety of styles, which can make it difficult to choose according to your personal preference.


Even if you do decide to replace your existing tub with one of a walk-in shower design, that doesn’t mean you have to forego waterproofing. In fact, some recent improvements in modern plumbing technology mean that your new bathtub can be just as water-resistant and leak proof as your old tub! So while you’re planning your remodel, don’t forget to add in a waterproof liner to prevent walls from being damaged by leaking water. If you can find a liner that is made of rubber, it will be even more resistant than conventional fiberglass. And remember, it doesn’t matter whether your bathroom designs involve traditional or contemporary styles; any modern design will be easier to waterproof than your old fashioned bathroom designs.