Shower Remodel – Chooses a Tub or a Glass Enclosure

Whether you’re looking to do a basic bathroom renovation, or want to turn your bathroom into something completely new, there are many ways to save money on labor when it comes to a Shower Remodel. Let’s start by examining exactly what it is that you’re doing when you tear down, remodel, or replace your bathroom. When you tear down your bathroom, you’re basically just changing out your floor boards, installing new bathroom cabinets and counter tops, painting the walls, installing new faucets, and/or tiles, and/or adding new features like a whirlpool spa or hot tub. Depending on your room size and style, this can be quite a project. If you’re doing a major bathroom remodel like a Shower Remodel, you may be looking at spending anywhere from several thousand dollars to several tens of thousands of dollars. Adding new features can add even more money.

Shower Remodel


The most important part of a bathroom remodel in terms of cost is waterproofing. When you add new fixtures like a whirlpool tub or hot tub, or when you change out your old fixtures like the bathtub and shower, you’ll need to waterproof your floor, which will require some added work on your part. The easiest way to do this is with a high quality vinyl flooring product. Flooring products like vinyl flooring or Shower Remodel Vinyl Flooring are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and qualities. Some of these products are even lined with vinyl to help protect it from moisture so that your new flooring doesn’t corrode from being in contact with moisture. Vinyl flooring is also very easy to install, which will save you a great deal of time.


Another option in saving money on labor is to tear down and install a waterproofing membrane on the inside of your tub or shower. A waterproofing membrane can be used as a liner between the floor of your shower and the walls surrounding it. By using a waterproofing membrane in this location, you can stop water from seeping into the concrete or mortar base of the shower. Even if the exterior of the shower is not waterproofed, by using a waterproofing membrane inside of the shower, you can stop any leaks before they get any worse. You can also save some money by simply replacing the mortar or cement board with a fiberglass tile that is nearly as effective at stopping leaks as the mortar or cement board.


If you decide to have a shower remodel in your home, there are several other steps you can take to save money on your project. One of these is installing a new showerhead with an automatic shower head control. These types of controls allow you to remotely control the flow of hot and cold water to the showerheads, which saves you the task of turning up the heat or adjusting the pressure. Some of these newer models even have remote control features that allow you to control your shower while you are taking a bath.


If you are interested in saving money and want to remodel your bathroom but do not want to replace your traditional shower fixtures, you should consider installing ceramic tile in your shower. Ceramic tiles are an excellent choice for shower remodels because they are very affordable and look just like the real thing. Because ceramic tiles are made from a hard material, like porcelain, you do not need to replace them often. Plus, when you do install new tiles, you can use the same color and style throughout your home. You will have the appearance of a brand new shower without having to pay for a complete remodeling job.


In addition to using ceramic tiles in your shower remodel or as a replacement for traditional ceramic tile, you may also want to consider installing a frameless glass enclosure. This type of enclosure, which looks just like a clear glass window, has become extremely popular over the past few years. Glass enclosures provide an unobstructed view of the bathroom area and many people prefer them because they are easy to clean and keep sparkling. You can find many different styles of frameless shower enclosures online.